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Buy an Apple or a Windows Computer for business

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Does modern business require computers?

I own a building control service that provides building regulation approvals for those who build new homes, new places of work, and leisure. We gather hundreds of pieces of information, send out lots of emails, store, manipulate and analyse data. A single computer when used correctly can arguably do the work of at least 2 or more people, making a small business look bigger than it actually is.

Business performance excels when fully networked computers and storage devices linking your complete team as a single power performer becomes the focus of your first investment.

In the modern day business world, computers are essential. They allow us to quickly and efficiently process vast amounts of data and information, as well as providing communication between organisations and individuals. Computers allow businesses to automate mundane tasks and free up employees’ time for more important work. Additionally, computers offer a variety of tools that make working easier and faster, such as word processors, spreadsheet software, email systems, and presentation programs.

Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals
Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals

The introduction of new technologies has revolutionised the way in which people do business. With a few clicks of a button, organisations can streamline processes and accurately analyse data. This analysis can be used to make decisions on strategy or operations which would otherwise take much longer without the help of computers. Similarly, computer networks are now used globally to connect companies together so they can collaborate on projects or share resources with one another – something which was not possible before advances in technology.

On an individual level too, computers have become increasingly important in helping people manage their workflows more effectively. Through the use of task management software or applications such as Evernote or Microsoft OneNote people can create lists and reminders so they don't forget important tasks or due dates. Furthermore, cloud solutions like Dropbox allow individuals to store their documents safely so they can access it from anywhere with an internet connection – something which would otherwise be impossible if relying solely on physical storage methods like filing cabinets.

Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals
Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals

With all this being said it is clear to see that computers are vital for success in today's business climate. Without them tasks would take significantly longer to complete or wouldn't even be possible at all; thus making them an essential component for any company looking to stay competitive in this rapidly changing digital landscape we live in today.

Buy an Apple or Windows computer

When it comes to choosing the best computer for business, it can be a difficult decision. On one hand, Apple computers are renowned for their sleek design and user friendly interface. They also offer tight integration between hardware and software that allows for easier data management and protection. On the other, Windows computers have a long track record of being intuitive and reliable. Plus, they offer a wide range of products with varying levels of sophistication depending on your needs.

Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals
Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals

Apple's OS X operating system has grown increasingly popular among businesses in recent years due to its simplicity and compatibility with other Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. This makes it easy to sync data between all your gadgets, allowing you to access any document or app on any device as needed. Its iCloud service also provides secure storage of important documents if you need an extra layer of protection against online threats. Additionally, Apple’s App Store gives users access to millions of software applications designed specifically for OS X devices, providing plenty of options when it comes to customising your machine for maximum productivity.

Windows computers have always been known for their strong security features, making them ideal for businesses that have sensitive client information or need highly-protected networks and databases. Many Windows models include preloaded antivirus software and are equipped with advanced firewalls to keep out malicious intruders who might try to access the system remotely or through other means. Furthermore, Windows offers numerous tools designed to help business owners manage their systems efficiently while providing comprehensive customer support if needed.

Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals
Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals

In the end, neither platform necessarily stands out as being more suitable than the other exclusively; what matters is determining which type would best suit your individual needs as a business owner/manager? Both platforms have pros and cons, so weighing them carefully against each other is key in order to make the most informed decision possible.

Databases for efficient business

Computer databases are an invaluable feature of computerisation, due to their ability to store and manipulate large amounts of information in an efficient and systematic manner. Their importance has grown significantly over the years with the increase in technological advances, making them one of the most sought-after components for businesses and organisations today.

Databases provide businesses with a secure, centralised storage location for data that can be accessed quickly and easily from anywhere in the world. They also enable business owners to organise and manage their data more effectively, giving them complete control over how it’s used and who can access it. A good database is essential for any business looking to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals
Building Control Surveyors_Building Control Approvals

I spent 10 years developing the database used by our building control business. Today it performs as well as systems developed by other database developers, and arguably performs faster, more securely and has a high level of stability - In one respect it has shaped and assured the reliability and quality of our service delivery and certainly has formed part of the crucial consistency that we deliver.

Furthermore, databases offer a variety of other advantages such as reducing costs associated with manual data entry by automating processes like customer record keeping, financial reports, inventory tracking and so on. With sophisticated technologies available such as relational databases, businesses can now easily query their data as well as join tables together to gain further insight into operations. This type of technology allows business owners to make better informed decisions faster than ever before.

Finally, many databases come equipped with advanced security features designed to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access or vandalism. This security layer helps ensure that vital data remains secure, giving business owners peace of mind knowing their valuable assets are safe and sound.

Data backup a necessary

Data backups are an essential part of a business's operations, as the loss of critical data can have devastating consequences. Regular backups ensure that the data remains safe and sound at all times, helping to protect against any unforeseen disasters or malicious actors.

Businesses must ensure that their data backup process is secure, reliable and properly tested. All backups must be encrypted with strong encryption algorithms and stored off-site in a secure location to maximize security. Additionally, businesses should set up automated backup processes to ensure regular backups occur without fail. Regular testing of the backup process will help identify any potential issues or vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

In addition to creating regular backups, businesses should also have systems in place for restoring the data if necessary. They should carefully consider the best way to restore large amounts of data quickly and reliably in case of emergency, such as using replication tools or cloud-based solutions like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Storage. Businesses should also invest in disaster recovery plans that outline how they would respond to various scenarios involving lost or corrupted data.

Overall, having an effective system for backing up and restoring data is essential for any business operating today. Data loss can be devastating, so it's important for businesses to take proactive steps towards protecting their valuable assets from unforeseen disasters or malicious actors. The cost of not having adequate systems in place can be significant, so it's essential for businesses to make sure their backup processes are robust enough to withstand anything thrown at them.


In conclusion, computers are essential for modern businesses. Having an effective system in place to back up and restore data is absolutely necessary in order to protect valuable assets from disasters or malicious actions. Investing time and money into developing robust backup processes can save a business untold financial losses down the road. Ultimately, having reliable technology systems that support your operations will be key to success in today's digital world, and to maintaining that competitive edge which is now even more so required to maintain your success. Get out out there and buy one !!! or a few !!! (check out PC World )

As always for private sector based building regulation approvals and inspections contact us by calling tel : 01992 710 763 Email for competitive fee quotes visit our website at Blog post written by Cliff L'Aimable Chartered Surveyor a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a Registered Chartered Building Engineer.


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