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Our Managing Director Mr Cliff L'Aimable has been appointed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to Chair the prestigious Professional Group Panel representing Building Surveyors and Building Control professionals globally -

  1. The purpose the Knowledge and Practice Committee is to develop and improve the knowledge and professional practice of surveyors including:

    1. 1)  Develop and advise on relevant information, training, and best practice materials to support professional development needs.

    2. 2)  Identify and develop a programme of research which includes, thought leadership and to amplify the voice of the profession on the issues that are most important to Members, the natural and built environment and public interest.

    3. 3)  Work closely with the Standards and Regulation Board on the development of technical standards and technical competences for APC pathways.

    4. 4)  Develop and support networked communities, working groups, forums and special interest groups that are connected to the PGPs and Knowledge and Practice Committee.

    5. 5)  Engage with Members in the relevant sector and key stakeholders to promote the value of RICS.

Cliff L'Aimable MRICS
Cliff L'Aimable MRICS Building Control Essex

Our Cliff L'Aimable MRICS with RICS PGP & KPC Members in Westminster 

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Cliff L'Aimable MRICS Building Control Essex

Our Mr Cliff L'Aimable at RICS HQ Westminster with members of the Knowledge and Practice Committee in Oct 2023.

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