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Video - Plan Check Response Advice

New legal requirements which require that you plan, manage and monitor your projects .... and make requests in a timely manner.  This video highlights your ongoing duties to produce compliant plans..... 

Download a Reg 18 Compliance Declaration Form


Dutyholders are those that commission and carry out building works. They are responsible for complying with the Act and Building Regulations made under it.


Dutyholders are responsible for preventing, managing, and controlling their building risks from design to demolition on any building project.


Building control expect dutyholders to proactively demonstrate how their project will comply with Building Regulations. This should include an explanation of how their project meets the functional requirements of the Building Regulations from design into occupation.


This should include:

i)  identified risks and their management arrangements

ii)  evidence on which guidance informed design and construction

iii) evidence on how dutyholders have assessed the appropriateness of the guidance used to demonstrate specific elements of compliance.


Dutyholders should engage with occupiers, for example for refurbishment works. This will help them check, improve and maintain the standard of their buildings in compliance with the law.

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