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Service response times and scope


An individual Inspection Plan will be issued to our service users or their agent upon

acknowledgement of the receipt of an application, which will contain the framework under which

site inspections are to be carried out and will indicate information such as:

  • Stages that require inspection

  • Contact details for arranging an inspection

  • Access for Inspections

  • Procedures for communicating the results of an inspection to the builder and applicant

       this is by request only

  • Scope of periodic inspections and unannounced inspections

  • Scope of remote inspections

  • Tests on completion of work

  • Completion Certificates

The following represents both statutory notification stages and other common stages of work that

the Building Control Surveyor would intend to inspect on request, and which mus be arraged by the person

carrying out the building work (at least 24 hours notice required) :

o Inspect all foundation excavations and oversite floor constructions.

o Inspect all damp proof courses and membranes.

o Inspect all floor constructions and principal structural beams. o Inspect all roof constructions

o Inspect all foul drains and principal surface water drains before covering over

o Inspect key work relating to access and facilities for disabled people.

o Inspect key fire safety works

o Inspect works on completion

o Carry out other inspections whenever possible after making judgement on the perceived

competency of builder and complexity of work.

o All inspections are carried out in respect of notifications of statutory stages, other requests for

advice and as necessary unprompted inspections.

Other service responses:

We will endeavour to check plans and submitted calculations within 15 workings days following


All other service responses will be prioritised based upon their level of risk.

Email or hardcopy written responses will normally be responded to within

10 working days where they relate to general building regulation matters on current live applications.

High priority responses

(i.e. where they affect immediate health and safety issues, structural matters , fire safety , underground drainage

issues etc) should be brought to the immediate attention of our office staff.

Building Control Surveyors Corporate

Approved Inspectors

Tel: 01992 710 763

BCS Approved Inspectors
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