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The Bot - an Artificial Intelligence Supported Aide giving 24/7, 365 basic advice to our Building Control customers

About our Artificial Intelligence Bot

This is a paid for service offered by the company - a key has to be obtained to use it regularly.

Our BOT is a work in progress, and is learning every single day. It is being trained by tapping into the knowledge base of real highly experienced building inspectors (Class 3 and 4 Registered Building Inspectors) who help teach it. It is designed to provide answers to basic questions.

More complicated questions should be referred to the humans - real life building inspectors !!!

Our BOT is not designed and is prevented from offering design advice to users. Designer advice should always be sought from your competent Principle Designers.


If our BOT does not give you the advice you seek then feel free to contact a real human advisor during office hours monday to friday between 9am to 5pm.

on tel 01992 710 763 or email


01992 710 763



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