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Recover lost heat back into your homes !

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Heat exchange home ventilation systems are becoming increasingly popular for their highly efficient operation and cost-effectiveness. Through the implementation of heat exchange technology, homes and buildings can reduce their energy consumption while also improving air quality, and providing healthier indoor living spaces.

These mechanical extract units are electrically powered and can consist of single room heat exchanger ventilation unit or upscaled to a whole house systems commonly referred to as "Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery" (MHVR).

In MHVR systems fresh, filtered air is brought into a building using "Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery," system while the majority of the energy that was previously used to heat the building is still retained and not wasted. The answer to the ventilation issues in energy-efficient buildings is heat recovery ventilation.

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Vent Axia heat recovery efficient fan ventilation
Vent Axia heat recovery efficient fan ventilation

The key to achieving greater efficiency lies in the design of the system. An optimal heat exchange ventilation system should be designed according to the size, shape, and climate of the building, as well as its features such as windows, doors, insulation materials, etc. The most effective systems use a dedicated mechanical power unit with temperature sensors, adjustable louvres, fans and ducts all working together in combination to achieve desired air flow rates.

Mechanical heat ventilation recovery MHVR
Mechanical heat ventilation recovery MHVR

In addition to energy reduction benefits, effective home ventilation systems also improve air quality by removing airborne pollutants such as dust mites, mould spores and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from inside the home. This can help reduce asthma symptoms among those who suffer from respiratory illnesses or allergies. In addition to reducing chemical exposure indoors through proper filtration of incoming fresh air supply, adequate supply of fresh air can also help reduce humidity levels within a given space which will prevent condensation inside walls or near windows/doors which may lead to mould growth or other issues.

Vent Axia ventilation systems - from an established premium

Finally, with proper installation and maintenance of a heat exchange home ventilation system it is possible to achieve up to 80% efficiency gains over conventional methods such as opening windows for natural ventilation or using traditional forced-air systems that rely on simple mechanical components like blowers and fans. This can result in significant savings on monthly energy bills while still ensuring that occupants have healthy air quality in their home environments.

Vent Axia single room extract fan with 78% heat recovery capability
Vent Axia single room extract fan with 78% heat recovery capability

Overall heat exchange home ventilation systems offer an excellent way forward for improving indoor air quality as well as reducing energy consumption costs associated with heating and cooling buildings year round. As these systems become more widely used they are likely to continue pushing boundaries towards higher efficiency gains while still offering occupants safe living environments with clean breathable air at an affordable price point.

In conclusion, heat exchange home ventilation systems offer an excellent way to improve air quality in the home while also saving money on energy bills. These systems are becoming more popular and efficient as time goes by, making them a great choice for any modern homeowner looking to reduce their energy costs without sacrificing healthy indoor air quality. With all of these benefits in mind, it's easy to see why heat exchange home ventilation is quickly becoming a must-have system for many homeowners today.

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