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Private Building Control Approvals or Public Sector Building Control?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Not everyone is aware that you can choose who to appoint in order to get building regulations approval for your construction projects. A private building control company like Building Control Surveyors - Corporate Approved Inspectors - Us !! or a local authority inspector are your two options.

You must carefully choose the building control provider because both Approved Inspectors and Local Authorities will evaluate your design and plans for compliance with the building regulations and inspect the work during construction.

Approved Inspectors - US !!!!

Whether they are individuals or businesses, approved inspectors must be qualified and experienced to handle the projects they accept. They might have a local base of operations or they might be bigger groups that work all over England and Wales.

London based private building regulation approvals
Leading private building regulation approvals London

They must be independent and cannot contribute in any way to the planning or building of the project.

Their conduct is governed by a code - set by the Construction Industry council (CICAIR).

What sets apart Approved Inspectors?

An independent regulator chosen by the government (CICAIR) issues licences following a process of rigourous checks and enforces rules and regs to control the professional conduct of Approved Inspectors (AI). 

AI's must submit to regular audits of performance and conduct, hire qualified staff who can provide evidence of experience, behaviours, and expertise in relation to the Building Regulations, and follow those audits.

Additionally, approved inspectors are required to have insurance that complies with all government regulations.

Where can I apply?

Whether using an Approved Inspector or a Local authority, the application process is the same. Usually, a short application form must be filled out along with project information and plans. The complexity of the project will determine the level of detail. If you want to try us then use our website at to get a fee quote.

One notable distinction when applying to an Approved Inspector is that you will be entering into a contract for the provision of a service when you make that appointment. Conversely there is no contract when using a council based building control service since they have a statutory duty to accept all applications.

Another distinction is that Approved Inspectors are not required to accept applications and are free to refuse to work with cowboy building contractors or with individuals with a problematic past.

Why should you choose Building Control Surveyors Ltd in particular as your Approved Inspector?

Like many other privately owned businesses, the success of an Approved Inspector depends on their capacity to provide top-notch customer service. After speaking with our clients, we understand that this entails being receptive and offering each project a quick turnaround.

We can frequently attend a site with just 24 hours' notice because we are flexible and responsive to the needs of each of our unique clients. We certainly are contactable via email and telephone -and our response will be fast.

London building control service provider best prices
Private Building Regulation Approvals in England and Wales

Additionally, our clients express their appreciation for our inspectors' superior levels of customer service and more practical outlook in helping to steer their projects to successful completion.

Although Approved Inspectors cannot legally design your project, we can help you by clarifying the building regulations' requirements and assisting you in complying with them. To do this, we explain the potential real-world solutions and options available based on our experience. We also make an effort to assign an inspector who will be solely responsible for that project. This way, you will have a consistent point of contact from the beginning to the end of the project, which can be especially useful for more complicated projects.

Approved Inspectors are allowed to work anywhere in England and Wales and, more importantly, they can provide a reliable interpretation of the technical requirements of the regulations. This is especially helpful when a project of a similar nature is being built in another part of the nation.

What would happen if building work becomes non-compliant?

The Approved Inspector will work with the developer and client to ensure that corrective work is done to achieve compliance when work done under their supervision contravenes the building regulations. If this fails to function properly, they will refer the project to the local authority, who will handle the necessary enforcement. Less than  1% of approved inspector projects are referred back to local authorities for enforcement each year, so this is a rare occurrence.

What happens when the project is finished?

We will issue a Final Certificate once all of the work is finished and provided there is no evidence of non-compliance; a copy of this certificate is then filed with the Local Authority as part of the public record.

How much do Approved Inspectors charge?

The complexity of the project, the likelihood of non-compliance, and the number of hours necessary to effectively service the project all factor into the fees charged by Approved Inspectors - Our fees reflect the higher quality of service expected when using an AI like us.

Costs for Approved Inspectors must take into consideration items like insurance premiums and the price of hiring highly qualified and skilled personnel. Due to this, fees may differ and occasionally be a little higher when compared to a public sector based building control service, but as we have already discussed in this article, we think there are additional benefits to take into account like - speaking to the same surveyors for any projects you have in multiple boroughs or regions, and of course getting instant access to trained personnel.

How do I choose an Approved Inspector?

Assessing an Approved Inspector's experience and suitability for your particular project is crucial when making your selection. The scope and scale of prior projects should be visible through research, but your architect or builder should also be able to provide recommendations.

At Building Control Surveyors Ltd, we think we can provide everything you and your project require. To learn more about how our building control inspection services can benefit your projects, Tel. 01992 710 763 or send an email to

Offices of Building Control Surveyors Approved Inspectors
Private Building Regulation Approvals (Our main office is based at Warlies Park House, near Waltham Abbey, Essex)

The expertise of Building Control Surveyors Ltd - Approved Inspectors ensures that buildings are safe for their users by identifying non-compliant features and collaborating with design teams and contractors to develop practical solutions to construction challenges, which can help you reduce risks in terms of delays or unexpected costs. We  offer Approved Inspector building control services for commercial construction projects throughout England and Wales from its head office in Waltham Abbey, Essex. The details that matter are handled by our highly professional, yet approachable team members who all have a positive and pragmatic attitude.

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