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Benefits of relocating a kitchen or bathroom

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Building Control Surveyors (building regulation approvals) blog this week covers our top 5 benefits of relocating a kitchen or bathroom are increased convenience, enhanced quality of life, improved aesthetics, a boost in property value, and an array of amenities.

So before we list the benefits we should point out first that relocating a kitchen or bathroom in your dwelling house will require building regulation approval -and that is how we can help by providing technical advice, a very competitive fee quote ( , and of course building regulation approval that covers your alterations.

B&Q quality bathrooms
B&Q quality bathrooms

1. Relocating a kitchen or bathroom has many potential benefits that can greatly improve the quality of life and daily routines for occupants. For example, having a more practical layout with easy access to essential appliances and amenities will save time when preparing meals or bathing.

2. Furthermore, strategically designed and laid out cabinetry and countertops can make cooking more efficient while adding modern style to the home. The added convenience factor can also increase the quality of life significantly.

3. The relocation of a kitchen or bathroom also improves aesthetics. Moving it to another part of the house allows you to take advantage of natural lighting and utilise different design elements such as cabinets, countertops, flooring, fixtures and more to create an attractive living space that looks fresh and inviting - perhaps an open plan arrangement which includes a focal point kitchen island.

4. One major benefit is that relocating your kitchen or bathroom can add value to your home. This could be especially beneficial if you are looking to sell your home in the near future as it adds appeal and makes your property much more marketable. The monetary value from increasing the home's worth could cover the cost of remodelling as well as any additional furniture or décor needed for sprucing up the new area.

5. Lastly, relocating a kitchen or bathroom opens up space for further customisation with features such as wet bars, breakfast bars and islands for the whole family to gather around, dedicated pantries for extra storage space, custom sinks for hand washing dishes during large gatherings, larger tubs ideal for baths with multiple family members present at once; all these additions can provide an array of amenities that will improve both functionality and luxury in one’s home environment.

Contact our building control offices for advice and to obtain a competitive fee quote by visiting or to discuss your proposals tel. 01992 710 763 Email:

B&Q quality kitchens
B&Q quality kitchens


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